One Hit From Home

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After suffering a career ending knee injury, pro-baseball superstar Jimmy Easton (Dave Stone) returns to a place he has not been in a very long time....home. Here, Jimmy confronts dark memories from a tragic past as he tries to make peace with a life he once left behind. Things take an unexpected turn when he is forced back into the world of baseball as the coach of an underachieving college team. Coach's Jimmy's rocky relationship with Brandon Elliot (Johnny Meier), the team's only star, challenges both of them to deal with their similarly troubled pasts (intriguefilms.com).
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Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Johnny Meier, David Aaron Stone
Interprètes : Ronald D. Alcazar, Sarah Blackford, ChrisAnn Brunsmann, Rob Edwards, Slav Boston, Edward Bullard, Robb Cain, Jan Chatwin, Nathan Chrisman, Brad DeVore
Durée : 91'
Genre : drame, famille, sport
Sortie cinéma : 06/03/2012
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One Hit From Home (2012)


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