Sexting in Suburbia

Les avis du Net
Suburban mother Rachel (Liz Vassey: “CSI”) feels pretty lucky while other moms discuss their fights using their moody kids, Rachel and Dina possess a close relationship. Dina informs her everything... approximately Rachel thought. When Dina all of a sudden commits suicide, Rachel is devastated and confused. Her look for solutions in regards to what happened in her own daughter’s final days leads her with a painful breakthroughs concerning the secrets that Dina was attempting to keep and also the bullying which was tearing her apart. Rachel’s mission helps her comprehend the discomfort her daughter was instructed to endure whenever a naked picture meant for her boyfriend goes viral. However when Rachel begins receiving anonymous risks throughout her analysis, she knows that there might be more happening than you would think (By dragonflipper, vimeo.com/34738665).
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Réalisateur : John Stimpson
Interprètes : Liz Vassey, Jenn Proske, Ryan Kelley, Kelli Goss
Durée : 86'
Genre : drame, frisson, téléfilm
Interdiction : PG-13
Sortie cinéma : 14/01/2012


Source : tmdb

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