Valley of Saints

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Widely considered to be the crown jewel of Kashmir, Dal Lake is a sprawling aquatic community where erupting political violence often distracts from the natural beauty. Gulzar, a young, working-class boatman, plans to skip town with his best friend in search of a better life, but a weeklong military curfew derails their departure. Forced to wait it out, Gulzar takes a job assisting a pretty scientist named Asifa. As they navigate the floating landscape, collecting water samples for an environmental study, an unlikely relationship blossoms between the two. When Asifa’s research reveals harmful pollutants, Gulzar realizes that the ecology of the lake and an entire way of life face an alarming threat, and everything in his own life begins to take on a new hue.
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Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Musa Syeed
Interprètes : Mohammed Afzal, Gulzar Ahmed Bhat, Neelofar Hamid
Durée : 82'
Genre : drame
Sortie cinéma : 23/01/2012

Source : tmdb

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