2001 World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Yankees

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Sortie DVD : 30/11/2001
Every World Series has its own distinct dramatic elements, but the Fall Classic in 2001 was inevitably marked by tragic events that took place away from the diamond. The terrorist attacks on America at first made sports seem insignificant. But thankfully, baseball served up a much-needed distraction, two perfectly matched teams in a ferocious seesaw battle that wasn't finished until the bottom of the ninth inning of the seventh game. This DVD does a fine job of showcasing the thrilling games in which the upstart Arizona Diamondbacks dethroned the New York Yankees, the perennial powerhouse that had won the World Series for three straight years. But the production also features commemorative ceremonies and interviews with New York City firefighters who attended some of the games. The Series was a true classic on the field and will always be recalled as the World Series that helped give America something else to think about.
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Année : 2001
Durée : 55'
Genre : sport, documentaire
Interdiction : Not Rated
Sortie cinéma : 30/11/2001

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• Closed-captioned
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2001 World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Yankees (2001)
2001 World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Yankees (2001)
2001 World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks vs. New York Yankees (2001)

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