Bounty Hunters

Bail Enforcers
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A group of down-on-their-luck bounty hunters hit the jackpot one night when they pick up an informant with a hundred thousand dollar bounty on his head. But their world is turned upside down when a mob boss offers them one million dollars in exchange for the informant. When they refuse, the mafia unleashes a trio of assassins on them who use all of their power to bring the bounty hunters down, and to get their man - dead or alive.
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Année : 2011
Réalisateur : Patrick McBrearty
Interprètes : Trish Stratus, Frank J. Zupancic, Andrea James Lui
Durée : 80'
Genre : action, comedie, frisson, romantique
Sortie cinéma : 19/04/2011
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Bounty Hunters (2011)
Bounty Hunters (2011)
Bounty Hunters (2011)
Bounty Hunters (2011)


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