Time of Fear

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Time of Fear is a taut psychological thriller thrusting an FBI agent and a grieving father into the dark world of a demented killer. FBI Agent Cheryl Hammer, arrives in a small California town to catch an elusive killer. Seeing no help forthcoming from the Sheriff, she turns to the only other person who can help her, Jack Barone, a grieving father whose daughter, Lisa, was the victim of a similar slaying ten years prior. The killer's clues are a perversion of Biblical punishments for sins: stoning, burning, decapitation. Jack and Agent Hammer turn to Father Patrick, a Catholic priest, for help. As the clock ticks down, a young female friend of Jack's is kidnapped and may become the next casualty. The harrowing rescue of the young woman opens the door to a dark history hidden below the surface, revealing the true identity of the killer and answering the mystery of who killed Jack's daughter.
Fiche technique
Année : 2002
Réalisateur : Alan Swyer
Interprètes : Nick Mancuso, Vanessa Lee Evigan, Basil Wallace, Cheryl Pollak, Robert Walden, Greg Lauren, Norma Maldonado, Rainbow Borden, Solomon Burke
Durée : 88'
Genre : frisson
Sortie cinéma : 01/01/2002

Source : tmdb