Queen - Days of Our Lives

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In 1971, 4 college students got together to form a rock band. Since then, that certain band called Queen have released 26 albums and sold over 300 million records worldwide. But it was no bed of roses. No pleasure cruise. Queen had their share of kicks in the face, but they came through and this is how they did it, set against the backdrop of brilliant music and stunning live performances from every corner of the globe. In this film, for the first time, it is the band that tells their story. Featuring brand new interviews with the band and unseen archive footage (including their recently unearthed, first ever TV performance), it is a compelling story told with intelligence, wit, plenty of humor, and painful honesty. Also included are new promo videos containing unseen rushes, performances, and outtakes.
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Durée : 120'
Genre : documentaire, Étranger
Sortie cinéma : 24/01/2012
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Queen - Days of Our Lives (2012)


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