Janela da Alma

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Nineteen people with differing degrees of visual impairment - from mild nearsightedness to total blindness - discuss how they see themselves, how they see others and how they perceive the world. Writer and Nobel laureate José Saramago, musician Hermeto Paschoal, filmmaker Wim Wenders, blind Franco-Slovenian photographer Evgen Bavcar, neurologist Oliver Sacks, actress Marieta Severo, blind city councilman Arnaldo Godoy, among others, make personal and surprising revelations about various aspects of vision - the physiological working of the eye; the use of glasses and what it means about personality; the meaning of seeing or not seeing in a world saturated by images; and, also, the importance of emotions in transforming reality if, that is, there is such a thing common to all. Unusual images, of burning trees or empty deserts, link the interviews, which vary from deep to funny to poetic.
Fiche technique
Année : 2003
Réalisateur : João Jardim, Walter Carvalho
Interprètes : Evgen Bavcar, Raimunda da Conceição Filha, Felipe, Gabriel, Arnaldo Godoy, Walter Lima Jr., Hermeto Paschoal, João Ubaldo Ribeiro, Oliver Sacks, Verônica de Jesus Santos, José Saramago, Hanna Schygulla
Durée : 73'
Genre : documentaire
Sortie cinéma : 24/03/2003
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Janela da Alma (2003)
Janela da Alma (2003)
Janela da Alma (2003)
Janela da Alma (2003)

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