Stag Night of the Dead

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If the mysterious plague sweeping the nation wasn't bad enough, Dean is still going ahead with his doomed wedding tomorrow morning. That leaves him with a choice. Pick up the button holes and chocolate fountain as instructed by bridezilla, Elaine, or go with five mates (and a stripper) to play "Zomball" at a top secret military compound where you get to shoot zombies with huge stun guns. Disobeying the golden rule of Zomball ('never never humiliate a zombie') the stags face overwhelming odds from the massed undead and each stag is hunted down. The truth about Zomball is finally revealed and suddenly the mother-in-law is the least of Dean's problems....
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Neil Jones
Interprètes : Sophie Lovell Anderson, Sebastian Street, Joe Rainbow, Mike Busson, Rez Kempton, Bruce Lawrence, James G. Fain, Doug Grant, Jeff Rudom, Brian Wheeler, Jemma Lewis
Durée : 81'
Genre : horreur, comedie
Sortie cinéma : 01/05/2012
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Stag Night of the Dead (2012)


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