A Safe Place

Les avis du Net
A young woman named Noah lives alone in New York. She is a disturbed flower child, who retreats into her past, yearning for lost innocence. She recalls her childhood, searching for a "safe place." As a child she met a magician in Central Park who presented her with magical objects: a levitating silver ball, a star ring, and a Noah's ark. She is romantically involved with two totally different men. Fred is practical but dull. Mitch is dynamic and sexy, her ideal fantasy partner. Neither man is able to totally fulfill her needs.
Fiche technique
Année : 1971
Réalisateur : Henry Jaglom
Interprètes : Tuesday Weld, Orson Welles, Phil Proctor, Jack Nicholson, Dov Lawrence, Gwen Welles, Sylvia Zapp, Fanny Birkenmier, Rhonda Alfaro
Genre : drame, science fiction
Sortie cinéma : 01/10/1971

Source : tmdb

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