There Be Dragons

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Arising out of the horror of the Spanish Civil War, a candidate for canonization is investigated by a journalist who discovers his own estranged father had a deep, dark and devastating connection to the saint's life.While researching the life of Josemaria Escriva, the controversial founder of Opus Dei, the young journalist Robert uncovers hidden stories of his estranged father Manolo, and is taken on a journey through the dark, terrible secrets of his family’s past.
Fiche technique
Année : 2011
Réalisateur : Roland Joffé
Interprètes : Wes Bentley, Dougray Scott, Charlie Cox
Durée : 112'
Genre : drame, indépendant
Interdiction : PG-13
Sortie cinéma : 06/05/2011
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There Be Dragons (2011)
There Be Dragons (2011)
There Be Dragons (2011)
There Be Dragons (2011)
There Be Dragons (2011)
There Be Dragons (2011)
There Be Dragons (2011)


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