The Christmas Heart

Les avis du Net
Sortie DVD : 18/11/2011
The tight-knit neighbors on Arthur Avenue have proudly lit Christmas luminaries for 40 years, but that long-standing tradition is cancelled this year when Matt Norman (Ty Wood), a teenage boy in the neighborhood, is hospitalized in desperate need of a heart transplant. As his parents Ann (Teri Polo) and Mike (Paul Essiembre) anxiously pray by his bedside, a donor is found, while in Detroit, a mother (Tess Harper) is in anguish at her own son’s bedside. When Matt's neighbors decide to honor him in the best way they know how, they just might help save his life.
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Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Gary Yates
Interprètes : Teri Polo, Paul Essiembre, Tess Harper
Sortie cinéma : 02/12/2012

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