The Drop: The EDM Culture Explosion

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In the last few years, bass music has taken off and with that has ushered in some exploitation of EDM in popular culture. The transition from being underground to mainstream has taken a long time (much longer if you just look at North America). For instance, the scene in the UK has been a prevalent part of their popular culture for over two decades. In 2012, EDM has reached a fever pitch, becoming the hottest ticket in music since Hip Hop in the late nineties. With the mainstreaming of electronic music it has opened up the gates of a broader critical look at the genre as a whole. The Drop is a documentary film exploring the EDM culture explosion. From the Artists, to the fans, to the business to the festivals, the Drop will follow all aspects of the growth of a genre of music that is defining today's generation.
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Année : 2013
Sortie cinéma : 20/04/2013

Source : tmdb

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