This American Life Live: The Invisible Made Visible

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It features all sorts of things that are way too visual to be on the radio: dance, animation, illustration, an interactive musical performance, photographs, a short film, and David Sedaris in clown makeup. Along with Sedaris, there are stories by the now-famous Tig Notaro, Glynn Washington, Ryan Knighton and David Rakoff. Lots of the stories are funny. David Rakoff's is particularly touching. He talks about the abilities he’s lost during his fight with cancer, and then, gracefully, beautifully, does a solo dance onstage. It was the last story Rakoff ever wrote for the radio show. He died three months later, in August. OK Go provides music. Monica Bill Barnes & Company dance. Ira Glass tells a story using things he normally can't: photos. Mike Birbiglia casts Terry Gross in a surprising, hilarious little movie.
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Année : 2012
Réalisateur : David Stern
Interprètes : Mike Birbiglia, Ira Glass, Tig Notaro, David Sedaris, David Rakoff, Taylor Dayne, Terry Gross, Ryan Knighton, Glynn Washington, OK Go, Monica Bill Barnes, Anna Bass
Durée : 120'
Sortie cinéma : 10/05/2012
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This American Life Live: The Invisible Made Visible (2012)


Source : tmdb

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