Penguins Of Madagascar: Operation Antarctica

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Hunter, a young leopard seal pup, is accidentally brought to New York inside the fishing nets of Antarctic poachers Cecil and Brick. Though fearful of her at first, after he rescues Hunter from a fish-processing hopper, Private asks the other penguins to help return her to Antarctica. Though Hunter presents herself as a non-penguin-eating "fishetarian," the others fear her predatory instincts and decide to help her only as far as launching her from the HQ into the East River with the instruction "go south."
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Année : 2012
Interprètes : Jeff Bennett, Ciara Bravo, John Di Maggio, Danny Jacobs, Tom McGrath, Ed O'Neill, Andy Richter, French Stewart, James Patrick Stuart
Durée : 93'
Sortie cinéma : 02/11/2012
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Penguins Of Madagascar: Operation Antarctica (2012)


Source : tmdb

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