Atlas Shrugged: Part II

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The global economy is on the brink of collapse. Unemployment has risen to 24%. Gas is now $42 per gallon. Brilliant creators, from artists to industrialists, continue to mysteriously disappear at the hands of the unknown. Dagny Taggart, Vice President in Charge of Operations for Taggart Transcontinental, has discovered what may very well be the answer to a mounting energy crisis - found abandoned amongst the ruins of a once productive factory, a revolutionary motor that could seemingly power the World. But, the motor is dead... there is no one left to decipher its secret... and, someone is watching. It's a race against the clock to find the inventor before the motor of the World is stopped for good. Who is John Galt?
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Réalisateur : John Putch
Interprètes : Samantha Mathis, Jason Beghe, Esai Morales, Patrick Fabian, Kim Rhodes, Richard T. Jones, D.B. Sweeney, Paul McCrane, John Rubinstein, Robert Picardo
Durée : 112'
Genre : drame, science fiction, mystère
Interdiction : PG-13
Sortie cinéma : 12/10/2012
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Atlas Shrugged: Part II (2012)


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