Imaginary Friend

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Emma (Lacey Chabert ) is a beautiful and a talented artist. Her husband, Brad (Ethan Embry), is a renowned psychiatrist. They have the perfect loving marriage. But Emma is having a few psychological issues. She has turned to Brittany (Amanda Schull), her childhoods imaginary friend who helped her overcome an abusive father. Brad, the doting husband, helps and consoles her. When Emmas visions get more intense, Brad persuades her that the only way to keep them under control is to take medication but Brittany has become an emotional support for Emma.
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Interprètes : Lacey Chabert, Ethan Embry, Amanda Schull, Paul Sorvino
Durée : 99'
Interdiction : PG-13
Sortie cinéma : 02/06/2012
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Imaginary Friend (2012)

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