Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes

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Sean Reynolds, a highly acclaimed investigative journalist (who strongly believed in paranormal phenomena), destroyed his career when the most watched episode of his reality show, based on paranormal phenomena, turned out to be a hoax. Sean saw a news report on a "Bigfoot Hunter" (Carl Drybeck) who claimed to possess the body of a dead Sasquatch. He believes Drybeck is a phony and decides to create a new show that reveals people's paranormal claims as hoaxes. Sean assembles his old film crew and heads to Northern California's "Lost Coast" to meet with and interview Drybeck. Obsessed, Sean is staking his comeback, his life and the lives of his documentary film crew on proving Drybeck's claim to be a hoax.
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Corey Grant
Interprètes : Drew Rausch, Rich McDonald, Noah Weisberg, Frank Ashmore, Rowdy Kelley, Japheth Gordon, Sweetie Sherrié, Ashley Wood, Loren Lester, Brittani Ebert
Durée : 85'
Genre : horreur
Sortie cinéma : 19/10/2012
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Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes (2012)

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