Bad Karma

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Sortie DVD : 01/04/2009
Ray Liotta stars as Jack Malloy, a hardcore career criminal until a near-death experience causes him to turn his world around. But when his former partner Drake is released from prison, he tracks Jack down to blackmail him into one last job. Jack is a new man determined to lead an honest life. Drake is a charming psycho intent on vengeance. Sometimes, old friends can carry some extreme baggage. And for one of them, coming to terms with the past is going to be murder. Vanessa Gray and Andy McPhee co-star in this taut action/drama about good intentions, dark secrets and the harsh consequences of BAD KARMA.
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Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Suri Krishnamma
Interprètes : Dominic Purcell, Ray Liotta, Andy McPhee, Vanessa Gray, Ty Hungerford, Aaron Pedersen, Brad McMurray
Durée : 87'
Genre : frisson
Sortie cinéma : 12/09/2012

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• Import
• Blu-ray
• Cinémascope

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• Couleur
• Plein écran
• Son HiFi
• Pal
Français Dolby Digital 2.0
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Bad Karma (2012)


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