Austin City Limits: Florence & The Machine / Lykke Li

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Experimental modern rock rules with Florence + the Machine and Lykke Li. Bluesy singer Florence showcases her LP Lungs, while Swedish chanteuse Li highlights her LP Wounded Rhymes. Originally aired January 28, 2012. Florence & The Machine: Strangeness and Charm, Cosmic Love, What the Water Gave Me, Dog Days are Over Lykke Li: Jerome, Sadness is a Blessing, I Follow Rivers, I Know Places, Love Out of Lust, Get Some
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Interprètes : Florence Welch, Chris Hayden, Rob Ackroyd, Mark Saunders, Tom Monger, Isabella Summers
Durée : 60'
Genre : musique
Sortie cinéma : 28/01/2012

Source : tmdb

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