Carried Away

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Sortie DVD : 20/08/2002
Ed Franklin, a young man pursuing his dreams in Hollywood, returns home to Fort Worth, Texas at Christmas time to find his family in turmoil. His parents' marriage is crumbling and his relationship with his two brothers is rocky at best. The discovery that his beloved Granny has been placed in a nursing home after a stroke left her mentally disabled pushes Ed over the edge. He decides to come to his unhappy Granny's rescue, abducting her from the home against his family's orders. Ed's father Rex and brothers, Steve and Davy, set out after Ed and Granny, and a cross-country pursuit begins.
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Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Tom Huckabee
Interprètes : Juli Erickson, Gabriel Horn, Mark Walters, Morgana Shaw, Bryan Massey
Genre : drame
Sortie cinéma : 01/11/2012

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