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The Ik were described as sadists who starved their own children and crapped in front of each others' homes for fun. They were reviled as the worst and most depraved beings on Earth, and it was recommended that their culture be destroyed for its own good. No one has dared to film them in the 40 years since they were first studied. Ikland recounts a quest to re-connect with a lost corner of humanity. For director Cevin Soling, they represented the last outpost of imagination in a world devoid of myth. He risked his life, and the lives of his crew, by traveling through war-ravaged northern Uganda to reach them. Their experience was alien and surreal in ways only Jonathan Swift might have imagined.
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Réalisateur : David Hilbert, Cevin D. Soling
Durée : 96'
Genre : documentaire
Sortie cinéma : 15/06/2012

Source : tmdb

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