You Hurt My Feelings

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Children and nature shine in this melancholy love story about Johnny, a male nanny who tries to win back his girlfriend after she takes up with a man who looks just like him. The film tracks the growth of the relationship over four seasons in New England, as Johnny’s emotional problems sabotage his attempts to put together a family like the one he takes care of. A drama with the humor of spring and the sorrow of winter, YOU HURT MY FEELINGS speaks with the honesty of a child about people struggling to let go of darkness and find love.
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Steve Collins
Interprètes : John Merriman, Courtney Davis, Macon Blair
Durée : 85'
Genre : drame, romantique
Sortie cinéma : 04/05/2012

Source : tmdb

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