Otter 501

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A storm grows, a sea otter pup is separated from her mother, and a young woman bound for adventure blows in to town. On a wild and windswept beach these lives collide and an entire species' survival gets personal. Through Katie's eyes you will see our playful pup, otter number 501, get an amazing second chance at life in the wild. As the two learn to navigate the opportunities and risks of life without anchor we see the incredible efforts people have undertaken to save sea otters from the brink of existence. Framed against the strikingly beautiful Monterey Bay coastline, the last stronghold of these iconic animals, Katie discovers just how serious this threat remains. Their adventure, unexpected as it was, illustrates what we can do to contribute to the growing movement to protect the southern sea otter...and ourselves.
Fiche technique
Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Bob Talbot
Interprètes : Katie Pofahl
Genre : documentaire
Sortie cinéma : 11/05/2012

Source : tmdb

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