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TransWorld SKATEboarding is proud to present our 24th video, The Cinematographer Project. We’ve assembled 13 of skateboarding’s finest filmmakers to each produce their own original three-to-five minute short. The result is a truly creative and diverse take on the current world of skateboarding. Featuring: Jon Holland, Mike Manzoori, Bill Strobeck, Russell Houghten, Dan Wolfe, Chris Ray, Brennan Conroy, Beagle, Torsten Frank, Lee Dupont, RB Umali, Christopher Middlebrook, Alien Workshop
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Année : 2012
Réalisateur : Torsten Frank, Bill Strobeck, Mike Manzoori, Chris Ray, Brennan Conroy, Dan Wolfe, RB Umali, Beagle, Lee Dupont, Christopher Middlebrook, Russell Houghten, Alien Workshop
Interprètes : Mark Gonzales, Chewy Cannon, Lem Villemin, Jake Duncombe, Lewis Marnell, Dane Burman, Nick Boserio, Evan Smith, Dennis Busenitz, Justin Brock, Peter Ramondetta, Ishod Wair
Genre : sport
Sortie cinéma : 01/03/2012
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The Cinematographer Project - Transworld Skateboarding (2012)

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